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Brimscombe & Thrupp Parish Council

Bus Shelter Arts Project

2020 saw the beginning of a community initiative to use the oft-neglected bus shelters of the parish as a location for local artists.

This project was inspired by the undercover makeover that one of our shelters near Brewery Lane received last year. A simple thing: just adding a chair, a shelf, some bunting and a sign that read "Stop in the Name of Love" hit the national news as a feel good story and got the local community interested in using the space as a book swap, message centre or just somewhere to rest.

This got the Parish Council to thinking about these public spaces and their importance to our parishioners and the opportunity to make them landmarks and potentially community hubs.

Making a link with Studio 18 was the first step – a new community based music and arts venue on the Hope Mills Industrial Estate and once Zac the owner was convinced and a brief written we went out to the local artist community and asked for their responses. We were blown away by the take up - the creativity on our own doorsteps – and how each concept was completely different.

London Road 1, Brimscombe Station. Artist: Eleanor Harper

The first bus shelter decorated as part of the project was done by Eleanor Harper. The signs evoke the industrial history of Bimscombe and Thrupp, especially the role played by the Ferrabee family and Edward Beard Budding.

Photographer: Ollie Hardy

London Road 2, Ham Mill. Artist: Gavin McClafferty

"La Cathedrale" takes the dazzle camouflage concept and turns it on its head. The old bus shelter was so discreet it was practically invisible, now it stands out as a beautiful and iconic feature.

London Road 3, Toadsmoor Road. Artist: Loco Dooms

Producer / Videographer and part time bus driver, Loco Dooms aka Marcel Lune aka The Aux chord lord. Loco Dooms has been working in the visual and audio fields for most of his adult career, releasing a lot of house and techno records whilst making music videos for drill artists throughout London."My vision for the Brimscombe Art Shelter project revolved around creating a collage piece inspired by the beautiful surrounding areas of the 5 valleys mixed with surreal landscapes. My idea is rooted in collaging old romantic era vista paintings then juxtaposing them to today's relevant images of the local area, sparking the question of the relevance of today's images in relation to the beautiful images of the past."

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