Brimscombe & Thrupp Parish Council

Statement from Will Mansell, Gloucestershire Grace Network Ltd

Thanks for the concern about Grace Network's upcoming court date. The Council (both officers and Councillors) have given consistent verbal confirmation that we can stay on site until the end of September. They have had the legal right to move us out since 1st July but have chosen to let us stay on site whilst we sort out Brimscombe Mills for occupancy.

They also decided to start court proceedings alongside this agreed timescale. Our initial court date is the 4th October and we are leaving the site on the 29th September so the process will not result in any legal activity or hearings. Here is quote from a senior Council officer about this:

"I hope you will understand that this is a procedure that we have to go through to protect the council's position and it is not our intention to end up in court."


On top of this statement it is probably worth outlining, for clarity to the Parish Council, that we have paid rent and service charges for all the buildings we occupy on the Port. We have paid all rent requested by the Council at all points. The legal matter is nothing to do with money but simply a mechanism they chose to use to help them deliver their aspirations at the Port.

Last updated: Wed, 22 Sep 2021 07:49