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Stroud District Local Plan Review: Additional housing options consultation

The Stroud District Local Plan was adopted in November 2015 and sets out a planning strategy for distributing development within the District and policies for protecting and conserving the natural and built environment. The current Plan covers the period to 2031. It is important that the Local Plan is kept up-to-date and the current Local Plan commits the Council to undertake an early review.

The District Council started the process of reviewing the current Local Plan in 2017 with an Issues and Options consultation to cover the period to 2040. This was followed by a consultation on an Emerging Strategy in 2018 and the Draft Local Plan stage in late 2019. Since January 2020, the Council has been analysing the responses we received to the Draft Local Plan public consultation, developing further evidence to inform the Plan and considering the contents of the final Draft Plan.

In August 2020, the Government published a consultation document which proposed changes to the way the Government calculates the minimum housing requirement for each local authority area in the country. This revised standard method has proposed increasing the requirement for Stroud District from the level set out in the 2019 Draft Local Plan of 638 homes per annum, to 786 homes per annum. If this new revised method is confirmed, a revised Draft Local Plan may have to identify further land within the District for housing.

The Council is therefore launching a focused eight-week public consultation from 21 October 2020 to 16 December 2020 on additional housing options and sites, which could be brought into the emerging Local Plan, if required.

The purpose of this extra consultation is to understand: -

  • What is the best strategy for identifying where to accommodate additional housing, if necessary?
  • Whether and where a reserve housing supply should be identified, in the event that we need it in the future
  • Are there issues or constraints associated with some specific sites, which our assessments suggest may have future potential, depending upon which strategy option we go for?
  • Are there any other sites that may have future potential?

Full details can be found in the consultation paper 'Stroud District Local Plan Review. Draft Plan – Additional housing options' which can be viewed online at

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